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The Chicago White Sox are an American professional baseball team based in Chicago. The White Sox compete in Major League Baseball as a member club of the American League Central division. The team is owned by Jerry Reinsdorf, and plays their home games at Guaranteed Rate Field, located on Chicago’s South Side.

Can Leicester be inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Jon Lester, who has a total of 200 wins, five All-Star Game elections, and three World Series titles, has announced his retirement. On the official Major League Baseball website, four people, Mike Petriello, John Paul Moroshi, Mark Feinsand, and Sarah Langs, will have a thorough discussion on “Can Leicester be inducted into the Hall of Fame?” .. After analyzing Leicester’s career from various angles, he predicted that he would eventually be inducted into the Hall of Fame by the selection of the Era Committee. Cheap MLB Jerseys

Of the four, it was the Moroshi reporter who supported Leicester’s Hall of Fame. “I believe he’s a Hall of Fame player. His career is reminiscent of Mark Buehrle, but I’ve also voted for Buehrle for the second year in a row (since his first year of qualification),” Moroshi said. “The pitcher’s evaluation criteria for Hall of Fame voting have changed significantly. When summarizing a player’s playing era on one page, I consider the player’s multiple appearances to be the Hall of Fame criteria. Lester fought against cancer when he was young and became the winning pitcher in the Red Sox’s best match in the world (in 2007), “he encouraged him to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

On the other hand, while acknowledging Leicester’s achievements, the other three evaluated that they were “a little insufficient to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.” “If you give 1 billion points to break the curse of the Cubs, it’s convincing to be inducted into the Leicester Hall of Fame,” said Petriello with a joke. “I think he’ll be in the second group instead of the first group of elite pitchers in the days he played, even though Andy Pettitte, Burley, Tim Hudson, Kevin Brown, Cole Hamels and others couldn’t be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I don’t think he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. ”

“It was a great career and an important piece in the world three times, but I don’t think it was the dominant ace that other teams feared,” Feinsand said. I also voted for Burley. No, “he commented. “I don’t think it’s enough to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, even considering the success of the postseason. The best players of the era should be in the Hall of Fame. It doesn’t mean that the players should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. ”

“The peak seven seasons of WAR (34.6) isn’t even in the top 150 of all time. I’ve been active for a long time and achieved 200 wins in total, but I don’t think that’s enough to be inducted into the Hall of Fame,” said Langs. Explain with numbers. He said, “A pitcher who played an impressive role in two traditional teams (Red Sox and Cubs), but may not be inducted into the Hall of Fame.”

And finally, the four agreed that “Lester will not be inducted into the Hall of Fame by a press vote.” Based on the changing evaluation criteria of pitchers and Leicester’s success in the postseason, the decision was made with the expectation that he would be inducted into the Hall of Fame by the selection of the Era Committee.

Labor-management negotiations are scheduled to resume on January 13th.

According to MLB official website Mark Feinsand, the Major League Baseball Organization and the Major League Baseball Players Association will resume labor-management negotiations to conclude a new labor-management agreement on January 13, local time (January 14, Japan time). .. In this remote discussion using ZOOM, the Organization will make new proposals to the players’ association, including major economic issues and measures to balance forces. This is the first time that major issues have been discussed after the lockout rushed on December 2nd (December 3rd) local time.

The discussions before the expiration of the old labor-management agreement ended unsuccessfully, and the Major League Baseball Organization chose to enter a lockout including a freeze on the transfer market. In the weeks that followed, the two sides set up several discussions, but discussions on key issues were postponed and no negotiations progressed. On December 1, local time (December 2, the same day), just before the expiration of the old labor-management agreement, the players’ association rejected the proposal presented by the Organization. The lockout began a few hours later, and it seems that the Organization has been preparing for new proposals for a negotiation agreement since then.

The main agenda items are the introduction of a draft lottery system to curb excessive tanking, the abolition of the qualifying offer system, the introduction of universal DH (designated hitter system in both leagues), and as part of improving the treatment of young players. The minimum guaranteed annual salary has been raised. The players’ association is seeking more substantial profits such as shortening the period until qualifying for FA and annual salary arbitration and reforming profit sharing, and it is expected that it will be extremely difficult to conclude a new labor-management agreement. It seems that the point is how far both sides will make concessions and compromise.

The open game between major baseball teams is scheduled to start on February 26, local time (February 27), and labor-management negotiations must be reached by at least the first half of February in order to start the open game as scheduled. It is believed that there is. Some say, “The deadline for the season to start on schedule is March 1st,” but will the 2022 season be able to start safely?

The highest contract in history for each team: 5 teams including Athletics for less than $ 100 million

On December 28, Japan time, the transfer information site “MLB Trade Roomers” published an article featuring the highest contracts in history for each team. Now off, Rays, who extended his contract with Wander Franco for $ 182 million in 2011, and Rangers, who signed with Corey Seager for $ 325 million in 2010, set a new record high. On the other hand, there are five teams that have never signed a contract totaling more than $ 100 million, and Pirates has signed a contract with Jason Kendall for $ 60 million for six years in November 2000, and for more than 20 years. The maximum amount has not been updated.

Since the beginning of 2021, the highest amount in the history of the team has been updated for 6 teams including the above-mentioned Rays and Rangers. Blue Jays with George Springer for $ 150 million in January, Padres for $ 340 million for Padres with Fernando Tatis Jr. in February, and Royals for Salvador Perez for $ 8200 for 4 years in March. $ 10,000, and just before the start of the season, Mets signed a big deal with Francisco Lindore for $ 341 million for 10 years.

Although it is a modern major league where contracts totaling 9 digits (= 100 million dollars or more) are commonplace, 5 out of 30 teams have never signed contracts totaling 100 million dollars or more. In addition to the Pirates and Royals mentioned above, Eric Chaves’s 6-year $ 66 million for Athletics, Edwin Encarnación’s 3-year $ 60 million for Guardians, and Yasmani Grandal’s 4-year $ 73 million for White Sox. It is the highest contract ever.

The highest contracts in history for each team are as follows.

Chris Davis 7 years $ 161 million (January 2016)

Red Sox
David Price 7 years $ 217 million (December 2015)

Gerrit Cole 9 years $ 324 million (December 2019)

Wander Franco 2011 $ 182 million (November 2021)

Blue Jays
George Springer 6 years 150 million dollars (January 2021)

White sox
Yasmani Grandal 4 years $ 73 million (November 2019)

Edwin Encarnación 3 years $ 60 million (January 2017)

Miguel Cabrera 8 years 248 million dollars (March 2014)

Salvador Perez 4 years 82 million dollars (March 2021)

Joe Mauer 8 years $ 184 million (March 2010)

Jose Altuve 5 years $ 151 million (March 2018)

Mike Trout 10 years $ 360 million (March 2019)

Eric Chaves 6 years $ 66 million (March 2004)

Robinson Canó 10 years $ 240 million (December 2013)

Corey Seager 10 years $ 325 million (December 2021)

Freddie Freeman 8 years $ 135 million (February 2014)

Giancarlo Stanton 2013 $ 325 million (November 2014)

Francisco Lindor 10 years $ 341 million (March 2021)

Bryce Harper $ 330 million in 2013 (February 2019)

Stephen Strasburg 7 years $ 245 million (December 2019)

Jason Heyward 8 years $ 184 million (December 2015)

Joey Votto 10 years $ 225 million (April 2012)

Christian Yelich 7 years 188.5 million dollars (March 2020)

Jason Kendall 6 years 60 million dollars (November 2000)

Paul Goldschmidt 5 years $ 130 million (March 2019)

Zack Greinke 6 years $ 206.5 million (December 2015)

Nolan Arenado 7 years $ 234 million (February 2019)

Mookie Betts $ 365 million in 2012 (July 2020)

Fernando Tatis Jr. 2014 $ 340 million (February 2021)

Buster Posey 8 years $ 159 million (March 2013)

30 Hall of Fame Voting Nominations “Data You Should Know” for Each Player

The 2022 National Baseball Hall of Fame vote will be closed by the end of the year, and the results will be announced on January 26, Japan time. This time, there are 30 candidates whose names are listed on the voting form. Thirteen people, including Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz, will make their debut, and Curt Schilling, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa will be in their 10th year of last chance. Reporter Andrew Simon of the Major League Baseball official website carefully selects and introduces “data you need to know” for all 30 candidates.

Bobby Abreu: One of six who recorded more than 250 home runs and more than 400 stolen bases (the other five are Craig Biggio, Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonds, Rickey Henderson and Joe Morgan).

Barry Bonds: Dividing the 22-year career into the first half 11 years and the second half 11 years, the first half WAR (baseball reference version) 83.6 is just below Ken Griffey Jr. (83.8), equivalent to 37th place in fielder history. However, 79.1 in the latter half is just below Joe DiMaggio (79.2) and corresponds to 42nd place in the history of fielders.

Mark Buehrle: From 2001 to the last year of active duty, he started in more than 30 games for 15 consecutive years, pitched more than 2/3 198 times, and recorded double-digit wins for 15 consecutive years. He has never been on the disabled list.

Roger Clemens: Received the Cy Young Award seven times, the most in history. The total number of awards received by any of the other two right arms cannot be exceeded.

Carl Crawford: Since 2000, 123 triples have been ranked 2nd in the majors, 480 stolen bases have been ranked 4th, and season 45 stolen bases and above have been ranked 2nd after Juan Pierre (8th).

Prince Fielder: In the eight years from 2006 to 2013, 1283 games were the most played in major leagues, 724 walks were second, and 283 home runs and 860 RBIs were fourth.

Todd Helton: One of five people who have recorded 160 or more four times in “OPS +” calculated with stadium correction since 2000 (the other four are Barry Bonds, Miguel Cabrera, Albert. Pujols, Mike Trout).

Ryan Howard: Recorded 58 home runs and 149 RBIs in 2006 when he won the MVP. Only three other batters, Jimmy Foxx, Babe Ruth and Sammy Sosa, recorded more than 58 home runs and more than 149 RBIs in the same season.

Tim Hudson: Active as a ground ball pitcher in the era of mass production of home runs. A total of 0.71 home runs per 9 innings is the best number among 65 pitchers who have thrown more than 2000 innings since 1995.

Torii Hunter: Received the Gold Glove Award nine times as a center fielder (for the ninth consecutive year since 2001). This is the second number after Willie Mays (12 degrees), Ken Griffey Jr. (10 degrees), and Andrew Jones (10 degrees).

Andrew Jones: Recorded a total of 253 with a defensive index called “Total Zone Runs”. Only third baseman Brooks Robinson (293) surpasses this in major history.

Jeff Kent: Not only did he hit 351 home runs, the most in history as a second baseman, but he also beat former record holder Ryne Sandberg by 74.

Tim Lincecum: The only pitcher in history to win multiple Cy Young Awards in the first three major seasons (two consecutive years since 2008).

Justin Morneau: One of the three MVP winners from Canada, one of the two top hitters, and the only home run derby champion.

Joe Nathan: Recorded 5 times with 35 saves or more and an earned run average of less than 2.00. This is second in history after Mariano Rivera (9 degrees), who was inducted into the Hall of Fame with a full vote.

David Ortiz: In 2016, he recorded a major top slugging percentage of .620 and OPS 1.021 in the last year of his career. 48 doubles, 38 home runs and 127 RBIs are his final year’s major records.

Jonathan Papelbon: A feat in which only four players have achieved no runs in 17 consecutive games since the first pitch in the postseason. He managed to score no goals in 26 innings in these 17 games and closed the batter to OPS.339.

Jake Peavy: In 2007, when he won the Cy Young Award, he won 19 wins, earned run average 2.54, and won the triple crown of pitchers with 240 strikeouts. Only five other pitchers have achieved the Triple Crown in the National League since 1940: Clayton Kershaw, Randy Johnson, Dwight Gooden, Steve Carlton and Sandy Koufax.

Andy Pettitte: He has participated in the postseason for the ninth consecutive year since his first major year, and has 44 starts in total, 276 times 2/3, and 19 wins, all of which are major records in the postseason.

AJ Pierzinski: There are 14 seasons in which he has participated in more than 100 games as a catcher, and he is the 7th place in history as a catcher.

Manny Ramirez: Recorded OPS.996 with a total of 9774 at-bats. Only Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth and Ted Williams marked OPS.996 or higher with more at-bats.

Alex Rodriguez: Ranked in the top 15 home runs in two different positions (344 home runs as shortstop, 287 home runs as 14th).

Scott Rolen: I have never defended a position other than third base, including DH. All of his 17479 innings 1/3 were recorded as third baseman, and “Total Zone Runs” marked 140, which is the sixth place in the history of third baseman.

Jimmy Rollins: In 2007, when he won the MVP, he achieved the only 20 triples, 30 home runs and 40 stolen bases in history.

Curt Schilling: He recorded the league’s first place five times in the ratio of strikeouts and walks, but all seasons after the age of 34. Among pitchers who have thrown more than 700 innings since the age of 34, the ratio of strikeouts and walks (K / BB) 6.50 is by far the number.

Gary Sheffield: Recorded 42 home runs, 142 walks and 66 strikeouts in 1996. Since 1955, Barry Bonds is the only batter who has had a better ratio of walks to strikeouts with more than 40 home runs in the season.

Sammy Sosa: Recorded 425 base hits in 2001, the 7th place in history. This is the number since Stan Musial marked 429 bases in 1948.

Mark Teixeira: Recorded 314 home runs and 1017 RBIs in the first nine years of the majors. In his first nine years, he is fifth in history in terms of both home runs and points.

Omar Vizquel: The only player in history to play as a shortstop since his 45th birthday. He has played 266 shortstops since the age of 40, but since 1950 he has only 292 games in total for all other players.

Billy Wagner: In 13 seasons when he pitched in more than 30 games, his ERA never exceeded 2.85. In the live-ball era (since 1920), the total ERA of 2.31 is second only to Mariano Rivera with pitchers of 750 innings or more, and WHIP 0.998 is the best number slightly higher than Rivera (1.000).

Former director Silt of Cardinals dismissal joins the commissioner secretariat?

According to USA Today reporter Bob Nightingale, Mike Shildt, who has been dismissed from the Cardinals coach due to a different mindset from the front office, is expected to get a job at the Commissioner’s office. Currently, the Commissioner’s Secretariat is in charge of the on-field operations division by Michael Hill, senior vice president of the Miami Marlins organization, but Silt will be given a position under Hill. Since 2003, the Cardinals silt is likely to leave the Cardinals for the first time in a while.

Currently 53-year-old Silt was playing baseball as a player until college, but he gave up on becoming a professional and became a coach because he couldn’t hit the curve (personal talk). He joined the Cardinals baseball team as a scout for his achievements as a leader in high school and college baseball. He has since served as a minor coach and coach, and has been promoted to a major coach since 2017. He became a bench coach from 2018, and when Mike Matheny (currently Royals coach) was dismissed in the middle of the year, he took command of the team as a provisional coach, and was officially appointed as a coach after being evaluated for his skill.

In 2019, he led the team to the district championship for the first time in three years and advanced to the postseason, and won the best manager award for the first time in history as a manager who has no experience as a professional baseball player. In 2020, he overcame the outbreak of the new coronavirus cluster and advanced to the postseason for the second consecutive year. He was highly trusted by the players and was listed as a new Padres coach candidate after being dismissed from the Cardinals, but instead of continuing his coaching career at another team, he decided to join the Commissioner’s Secretariat. It seems that it has become.

The transfer information site “MLB Trade Roomers” pointed out that “Silt is still 53 years old, and if he wants to work as a director or coach, he has plenty of time to return to the dugout.” First of all, I would like to pay attention to how the skills cultivated in Cardinals can be utilized in the on-field operations department of the Commissioner Secretariat.