Qualifying offer Angels loses nomination right for second round of draft

The transfer market is now off due to lockouts, but nine of the 14 players who have been offered qualifying offers have already decided which team to belong to next season. Mlb Brandon Belt accepts the offer and remains in the Giants, with Raisel Iglesias (Angels), Chris Taylor (Dodgers) and Justin Verlander (Astros) re-contracting with their former team. baseball jersey cheap The remaining five players have been transferred to another team, resulting in compensation and loss of draft nomination rights. NFL jerseys cheap Let’s sort out the situation here.

Cory Seger (Dodgers → Rangers), Marcus Semien (Blue Jays → Rangers), Robbie Ray (Blue Jays → Mariners), Eduardo Rodriguez (Dodgers → Rangers), Robbie Ray (Blue Jays → Mariners), who rejected the presented qualifying offer and signed with other teams. Red Sox → Tigers) and Noah Syndergaard (Mets → Angels).

First, let’s take a look at the four teams of the Dodgers, Blue Jays, Red Sox, and Mets that the players leaked. The Blue Jays, Red Sox, and Mets haven’t received any revenue distributions and haven’t paid any luxury taxes, so they’ll be compensated after the “Strength Balance Round B” between the second and third rounds. Get nomination rights (two Blue Jays). The Dodgers have exceeded the maximum annual salary subject to luxury tax, so the right to nominate compensation will be given after the fourth round.

Next, let’s look at the Rangers, Mariners, Tigers, and Angels who have acquired players. The Mariners and Tigers are the teams that receive the revenue distribution, and the penalty for acquiring qualifying offer players is “loss of the third highest nomination right.” Meanwhile, the Rangers and Angels haven’t received any revenue distributions and haven’t paid any luxury taxes, so the penalty is “the loss of the second highest nomination” (and the loss of $ 500,000 in the international bonus pool). .. However, the Rangers have won Seger and Semien, and will lose their second and third highest nominations.

All four players other than Syndergaard signed a long-term contract for five years or more, but the Angels gave up the right to nominate the second draft in exchange for a one-year contract with Syndergaard. This contract can be thought of as “acquiring Cindergaard by trading with a young promising stock equivalent to the second draft nomination,” but it is also a fact that he is spending a large amount of money of 21 million dollars a year. If the Cinderguard cannot be revived, the damage will be great. Even if the Angels are sluggish next season, if the Cinderguard is active, it is possible to replenish young promising stocks by trading the Cinderguard in the middle of the season, so the function of the Cinderguard will be a big point for the Angels. right.

Five players, Carlos Correa, Freddie Freeman, Trevor Story, Nick Castellanos, and Michael Conforto, are still on the market.

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